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My favourite photos from November 2021

Off all the islands in the Caribbean, Bequia is one of my favourites. The first photo is of two divers who are cleaning their catch of lion fish (they are delicious to eat),which are an invasive predator to the Caribbean (Biologists believe they were probably introduced when aquarium owners emptied unwanted pet lionfish into nearby coastal waters. Lionfish were first officially reported in the western Atlantic Ocean in 1985. Since 2004, these fish have spread very rapidly throughout the Caribbean and into the Gulf of Mexico).

Photo #2 two Bequia ladies taking their therapeutic morning bath keeping their social distance and their masks on. Good time to catch up with news from the island.

Photo #3 Coconut water for anyone?

Photo #4 Going to market.

A few photos from my instagram I posted in November.

We always buy locally grown food when we are in Bequia.

Flowers from Bequia.

Whistle Bay is an amazing place sadly it tends to get overcrowded with catamarans. This day we were lucky there was only one other boat there.

Moonhole is a private community on the island of Bequia in the Grenadines. Moonhole derives its name from a massive arch formed in volcanic substrate through which the setting moon is sometimes visible. Founded by Thomas and Gladys Johnston in the 1960s, Moonhole is now a private nature preserve.

27 of December 2021, Bequia


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