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At the tender age of 22, I packed my backpack, bid farewell to my native Poland, and embarked on a thrilling adventure to explore the world beyond my horizon. For twenty years, I roamed the globe, living in Switzerland, England, France, the Caribbean, and the USA, and immersing myself in the diverse cultures and ways of life of the people I encountered along the way. This ex-pat life gifted me with a rare opportunity to connect with individuals, savor their cuisine, share in their stories, and bask in the essence of their homelands. The collective experience enriched my soul and awakened my appreciation for our magnificent planet and the people that inhabit it.


As I journeyed, photography was the perfect medium to capture the essence of my experiences, to freeze time and preserve fleeting moments in a tangible form. Photography is my passion, a natural extension of my love for the visual arts and a creative outlet that allows me to express myself in ways words cannot.


When I peer through my camera lens and capture something beautiful, my eyes dance with joy, and my heart overflows with gratitude. I relish the opportunity to preserve these moments and share them with others, to provide a glimpse into the world.

My eyes dance with delight when I catch sight of something beautiful and unique through my camera's lens. There's a sense of magic that comes with capturing fleeting moments, and I feel incredibly lucky to freeze time and share my vision with others.


My first foray into ocean life was sailing a boat from Europe to the Caribbean, and for the past decade, the islands between the Virgin Islands and Trinidad have been my home. Here, I've had the privilege of capturing the essence of these lands, the people, and their cultures through my photography. Every image is a testament to the sights, sounds, and flavors that have enriched my life.


There's a certain intimacy that comes with photographing people, whether candidly or through formal portraits. Through my lens, I strive to capture their spirit, their inner selves, and to help them share their unique essence with the world. It's a humbling experience to document the beauty of humanity in all its forms.



Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 22.37.06.png

The summer of 2021 brought about a thrilling milestone in my photography journey. - an article featuring my work was published in "COMPASS", a renowned sailing magazine in the Caribbean. It was an honor to have my passion for photography and seafaring shared with readers who share my love for the ocean.


In the year 2017, my photographic work was showcased in "YACHT", a prestigious German sailing magazine. It was a surreal moment to see my images in print, and to know that my passion for both photography and sailing was resonating with a wider audience.



 In March 2021, my poignant photograph of an old man lost in nostalgia was exhibited at the esteemed Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece. It was an honor to have my work showcased among such talented artists and to share my vision with a diverse audience. To view the photograph and learn more about the exhibition, please visit

running boys .jpg


St. Martin is a small island that is half Dutch and half French. It's a great experience to be there and witness the mix of cultures. The food is amazing, with plenty of great restaurants and fantastic beaches. This photo was displayed at the Laurent Gallery in Melbourne.



in Canada.jpg

"In the Fog" was exhibited in the FotoZA Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa in July 2021. I took the photo while sailing in Nova Scotia, and I am captivated by the striking contrast of the dark sails against the foggy backdrop. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase this photograph at such a prestigious gallery. You can find more information about the exhibition and the gallery on their website:

MAY 11.05.2018 VIII.jpg



This is one of my favorite still-life photographs that I have taken. I am thrilled to share that it won a competition called 'Shell'.

week 45 walia on the beach III.jpg


"I took this photo in Wales, which I consider a paradise for photographers due to the lighting. I absolutely adore this beach because of the fantastic light, and in this photo, you can see a boy experiencing something new as he stands on a board for the first time. It was a joy to capture him in all his glory. They exhibit this photo in Stockholm at the Kontrast Gallery." 

rumpunch time .jpg


Another amazing day in the Caribbean! The sunset that ended the day was truly beautiful. Our planet is incredible to give us a show like that. It was one of my favorite sunsets in the Caribbean.

They showed this photo in 



I took this photo in Rockland, Maine in 2018. It's one of my favorites that I've ever captured with my camera, and it makes me thrilled they displayed it in a gallery gallerikontrast  in


In 2018, I had the privilege of being commissioned to photograph BohoDominikaGrygorcewicz, a prestigious hair salon in Poland. The experience was a wonderful opportunity to combine my passion for photography with my appreciation for the artistry of hair design. It honored me to capture the exquisite details and ambiance of the salon, and to help showcase its unique style and elegance.

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