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Photography is a powerful tool that allows us to capture moments in time that can be cherished forever. Through the lens of a camera, we can freeze memories and emotions, preserving them for years to come. With each click of the shutter, it transported us back to a specific moment in time, experiencing it all over again. Whether it's a beautiful landscape, a candid portrait, or a fleeting moment captured in motion, photography can evoke powerful emotions and transport us to another time and place. It is a timeless art form that captures the beauty and essence of life, and I am grateful to capture and share these moments with the world.

"My favorite time of day is sunset, especially in the Caribbean. You get to see a beautiful sunset almost every day. It's a short time when the planet puts on a show just for you, and you forget about all your worries."

Sailing and photography are my two passions, and having the possibility to combine them together is absolutely fantastic. There's nothing better than being on a boat and photographing other boats. It's an exhilarating feeling to capture the beauty of the sea and the boats sailing, and I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion and share it with others.

The Caribbean is an amazing place, with so many islands, each one unique in its own way. Every single island has something special about it. I particularly love street photography in the Caribbean and I always try to have my camera with me when I'm ashore to capture the fantastic people and moments that make this region so special.

As a photographer, I'm on a mission to capture the beauty of the Caribbean. From the vibrant colors and people to the unique culture and stunning landscapes, my goal is to create intimate, captivating images that tell the stories of the people and places of the Caribbean.

I love the people of the Caribbean. They are always so happy and cheerful, with a special magic in their souls. It brings me great joy to capture them through my photography.

If you love sailing, the United States of America is a great place to go, especially to Maine. It's a magical place to be, especially if you're a big fan of Stephen King's books.

I spent the 2022-2023 season in the French Alps, and it was a fantastic experience to take photos in such a different setting. The cold temperature was a shock for both me and my camera, but we survived, and I'm excited to share some of the photos I took of the winter wonderland in the Alps.

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