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Amsterdam: A Magical Home Away from Home.

"Amsterdam: A Magical Home Away from Home"

Amsterdam is a city that feels like magic to me. Every time I visit, it's like coming home. This time, Larry and I stayed on a boat , and what an experience that was! We absolutely loved it. After months on our beloved boat,

The Dove, we weren't sure how we would feel about living on a different boat. The boat we stayed on in Amsterdam was called the Vita Nova, which you can book on

It wasn't 5 stars hotel but Rafaele, a French gentleman who ran the boat, kept it in tip-top shape.

The city's canals, historic buildings, and cozy streets always make me feel comfortable and inspired. Amsterdam is a place where I can relax, explore, and capture beautiful moments with my camera. Join me as I share my love for this enchanting city through my photographs. Amsterdam truly is a magical home away from home.


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