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My favourite photos from August 2021

Not much happened with my photography for the last few months.

We had very poor internet in St.Martin, I couldn’t post anything on my website.

But now I am back, we are in Trinidad at Peaks Boat Yard where the internet is great.

I am so happy to be able to post my photos from the month of August.

We have been very busy and I didn’t have my camera with me all the time. But I think I got few good shots.


These two photos with clouds were taken in St.Barths in a bay called Colombier which means The Dove in French. C'est magique.


On our way to Trinidad we stopped for one week in Martinique. To do shopping and take our PCR test. It was a very wet week, lots of rain and flooding. We weren’t moving a lot so I was taking photos from our boat.


We had a fantastic sail from Martinique to Trinidad.

We past the famous Pitons in St. Lucia , where "The Pirates of Caribbean" was filmed.

A few miles from Trinidad we sailed past a gas rig, it always amazes me that a metal construction has been build in the middle of the sea.


And finally we arrived in Trinidad, my favourite island in the Caribbean, the food here is absolutely amazing, the best in this part of the world and people are fantastic. We arrived in Chaguaramas in the morning, after all the entry protocols to the country we are now at the dock in Peaks Boat Marina.

A pelican saying "Hallo".

Trinidad August 2021


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