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GuruShots in May and something more

An amazing month for my for photography.

In June an article was published about my photography in a magazine in the Caribbean called “Compass”.

I am so happy and thrilled about it. A BIG THANK YOU to DAVID L. LYMAN for the write up.


More good news is that I got 14 GURU PICKS this month.

Here are my photos and few words about them .

Italy, Italy I love this country so much. The food, vino, people and fantastic views. What more do you need as a tourist. Driving in the country side of Tuscany is a memorable experience.

This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "WIDE OPEN PLACES". I took this photo in 2015 when I was with Larry visiting his family. San Gimignano is a hill town southwest of Florence.


The second photo from Italy which got a Guru Pick was taken in Tuscany driving in one of the typical Italian country side roads with the sun setting down, it was one of those moments that I will never forget I felt like in a Woody Allan movie. Italian music playing on the radio beautiful views, passing through small villages where you have old men sitting on a bench waiting for their supper to be made by their wives . I always ask Larry to slow down when he pass next to those characters because I love to say one sentence I know in Italian “cio bello, come va la vita” . They always look at me totally surprised with a huge smile on their faces.This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY".


4th of July in USA in 2018.

In a little town called Rockport, Massachusetts. This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "MADE IN USA".


In 2018 I was asked to take some photos for a prestigious hair salon in Poland.

This photo is one of them. It made me so happy to know that my photos are seen by a lot of people everyday.

This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "OUR EMOTION".


Tabago Cays .One of my favourite place in the world. The highlight of sailing in the Caribbean, the place where "Pirates of the Caribbean" was filmed. The magical islands where you can snorkel with turtles and eat a delicious BBQ lobster in on the beach under the coconut trees. I took this photo in 2012. This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "TROPICAL PLACES".


An airport in St Barth's is considers one of the most dangerous airports in the world, watching the planes land or take off gives me goose bumps every time. This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "WHICH DIRECTION".


Another amazing sunset I really can’t recall when I took this photo but I think it was sailing in the Bermuda Triangle .This photo was Guru Picked in a challenge called "SUNSET OR SUNRISE".


Îlet de Pinel, a tiny island belonging to Saint Martin.

You have to take a little ferry to get to this island or you have to have a boat to get there. It is a very special place no roads just a couple of local restaurants on the beach. A turquoise water and an amazing white sandy beach makes this place looking like from a post card.

There is a colony of iguanas which are fet by restaurants. What is amazing they are absolutely not scared of people.

This photo got two Guru Picks this month "PORTRAIT OF ANIMALS" or "SINGULAR TONE".


It always makes me so happy when I add a new photo to my gallery on GuruShots and I get a Guru Pick in a first match I attend. Like I wrote last month I took this photo in Trinidad in 2012 while I stayed one week at a friend’s house, it was one of by best weeks in the Caribbean. Trinis know how to lime (party). I had never partied like that in my life. One day my friend’s aunt took me to an amazing waterfall in the middle of the jungle.It was a very spiritual place.I got a Guru pick in a match called "RITUALS".


"Running Boys”, 2019, St.Martin was taken while I was walking on the beach and saw a group of children playing in the water, it was amazing to see them without phones, just running, playing and laughing. I got a Guru Pick in a match called "POWERFUL COMPOSITION".


When I was in Bequia I got friendly with Angelique, Jesanique and Frisco. A lovely family. I never considered my self as a family photographer but I wanted to give it a try. This photo is one of those. One day I will put more photos of that session in my blog.

This photo got a Guru Pick in a challenge called "FOR THE DADS".


Ivo and Willy the pig. This photo got a Guru Pick in a challenge called "ANIMALS AND HUMANS".

Cumberland bay in St.Vincent is one of my favourite bays in the Caribbean. You anchor stern to a coconut tree in the jungle. Easy to make friends with locals because they fish right next to you or they row to your boat just to have a little chat or sell you a fish, bananas, fresh coconut water or little medicinal herbs. They are always full of amazing stories.

Over there is much easier to get on ashore. You jump on the paddle board and pull on the rope attached to a coconut and in seconds you are on the beach, no hassle with a dinghy. Because of that I was going ashore a lot and made myself a lot of new friends like Willy and Ivo. Willy is a pig which is domesticated like a dog.

Sadly this bay doesn’t look like that anymore after the eruption of the volcano La Soufrière which happened a few months ago. Very, very sad.


Guru pick in a match called. First cook then click


St.Martin 9.06.2021


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