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My galaxies

When I was a teenager and watched Star Trek, I was delighted as the main characters of this series, despite the fact that they come from other planets were able to unite in the name of discovery and science.

We are now in the 21st century with people arguing about which God is the true God, where people question women's rights. Where in some countries you can go to jail for being homosexual. Where people judge you by how much money you have in your account even worse where people do everything for money. Hunger and human exploitation is everywhere.

It is very difficult for me to think positively about humanity. That's why I love science fiction, I love to get lost in another world. On September 12, we would be celebrating the 100th birthday of my favourite science fiction author, Stanislaw Lem. I highly recommend his work especially "Solaris" and “The Futurological Congress”.

At the beginning of last year, I signed up for the application, Audioteka, where you can listen to thousands of audiobooks where I discovered Liu Cixin and his two books “Dark Forest” and “Death’s End”, I recommend his books even to those who do not like Si-Fi. His books show how small our lives are and how important it is to be united as human beings and not to look at our differences but at what combines us.

His books stayed in my thoughts for a very long time and I hope one day someone will make movies based on them.

As a fan of space and exploring it, I would like to present my photoshop artwork this week.

The Universe contains billions of galaxies, each containing millions or billions of stars. The space between the stars and galaxies is largely empty and that amazes me.

We are a small dust in the desert.

Having my laptop in front of me and to be able to create these universes, makes me feel like I swallowed the red pill.

"Live long and prosper"🖖

21 September 2021 Trinidad


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