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May ( photos of the month)

This week I would like to post my 10 favourite photos I took this month. I always try to have my camera with me.You never know what you will see. We are currently in Martinique, one of the biggest island in the Caribbean, I love this island especially the food. But I find it harder to interact with the locals here in Martinique compared to smaller island like Bequia. So sadly this month I didn’t have any opportunity to take portraits.


The hurricane season is coming and slowly boats are leaving the Caribbean. Some people sail back home and others ship them back. In May we had a three big ships collecting boats, it was fascinated to watch how do they do it.


My favourite bird ever, Every time when I see humming birds I am so happy. And it’s not really easy to take a photo if you are not ready with your equipments because they move at lightning speed. The minute I saw the bird I grabbed my camera without looking at the settings, sadly the photo was overexposed but with help from my best friend Miss photoshop I managed to save it.


Frangipani caterpillars are brilliantly coloured - neon yellow stripes plus a fire-engine red head and legs contrast against their black bodies. They can quickly reach six inches long and be as fat as your thumb. It’s how they achieve this size that has earned the Frangipani worm such a terrible reputation all across the Caribbean. They eat….. A LOT!!!


A rare bottle of Martinique rum.The rum has been stored in wooden barrels and transported across the Atlantic by “Les Tres Hombres” a sailing schooner without an engine purely by wind power. Then the barrels are floated ashore like in the last century and then the rum is bottled at the distillery.


A beautiful sunset in Martinique.


Good night everyone, another quiet night in Le Marin , Martinique.


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