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infrared in black and white 

Last year I spent two unforgettable months in the USA with David H. Lyman the founder of the Maine Photographic Workshops in 1973.

David introduced me to many talented and famous photographers like John Paul Caponigro, Sam Abel, Arthur Meyerson, Keren Marshall, David Turner and Joyce Tenneson.

I went to a lot of exhibitions, gallery openings and fantastic lectures . Which definitely left an artistic “scar” on my soul.

The first time I heard about infrared photography was at the lecture conducted by Laurie Klein. Immediately I fell in love with this look into the invisible world.

In my opinion this photography is unique and definitely different from other techniques, one can see the world from an unusual perspective.

To get this effect you have to convert your camera to be able to take infrared photos, though you can achieve a similar effect in photoshop. I created a few infrared presets and here is the effect.

My 14th week of challenge is about black and white infrared photography.

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