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52 weeks challenge project I started in 2020, where I was posting every week 10 of my photos . Some off them where new photos I was taking some of them were from the past years. Because I am stuck on a boat since the pandemic I was lucky, I had with me almost all of my hard drives with my photos from last 10 years and so I had a fantastic time going through them and it really helped me with Covid time.

Organising my Lightroom brought fantastic memories of the last decade. It had very nostalgic and sentimental moments.

I would like to thank all for the nice words and encouragement as it kept me going. We are all going through a difficult time and everyone is trying to find a method, how to copy with it. For me it was my photography, I put head phones on with an audiobook, a podcast or music and I cut myself off from the world. For a moment I could forget about what is going on and let myself get lost in my photos.


b&w Caribbean 

  Martinique part ii


some photos from my 52 weeks challenge 

© 2021 Justyna Kramer 

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